18 Tips: How To Start An Islamic YouTube Channel Guide

It’s true you can start an Islamic YouTube Channel.

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Starting an Islamic YouTube Channel is great because is free online.

In this post, I ‘ll reveal step by step how to start a successful Youtube Channel for muslims.

YouTube is one of the top sites in the world and the demand is still growing.

It has more than 2 billion monthly active users, the platform has come a long way.

Besides, nearly 43% of all global internet users access YouTube every single month.

What is a YouTube Channel?

YouTube is an online video sharing platform owned by Google.

An a YouTube Channel is like a private video broadcasting station for contents created by an individual or company

The independent video creators are known as YouTubers who upload their own videos.

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How much does it cost to start a muslim YouTube Channel?

YouTube Channel creation is absolutely free for anyone with a Gmail.

However, video camera, and other necessary equipment can cost significant sums of money when starting.

It’s important to save money for investments to have a successful Islamic YouTube Channel.

The Beginners Guide To Start A Muslim YouTube Channel

1 Pleasing Allah

The most important reason for launching an Islamic YouTube Channel should be to please Allah.

Serving Allah with good intention helps you to accomplish many things.

Try to help people online and answer their questions.

You should avoid making money and fame for starting your Channel.

2. Private Website/Blog

Starting a YouTube Channel should go hand in hand with your own website.

You need a website to direct your subscribers and build an email list.

Also, a website helps you to sell your own products and boost your credibility online.

You can start your own website or blog.

3. YouTube Topic

Next you need to choose a topic to talk about on YouTube.

This is where newbies make mistakes at the outset.

Make sure you pick a subject that excites and interests you.

Also, a topic that you have enough information to share with your audience.

4. Create A YouTube Account

Creating a YouTube is very easy to start.

You will sign in with a Gmail account.

If you don’t have a Gmail account, create one on Google.

Once you have a Gmail and password.

You can use the same logins to create your YouTube Channel.

5. About Page and Brand Description

In this part, you are going to update your About Page.

You need to tell people what the channel is about and add a good description.

That way, it’s easier to bond with your subscribers.

The channel can be branded as a company or just simply use your name.

6. YouTube Channel Art/Header

YouTube Channel should be treated like a business to succeed.

Therefore, have a great Channel Header/Art designed for branding.

YouTube recommends a cover image of 2560×144 pixels to upload.

It can either be a logo or your own image to standout.

You need to use bright colours that matches with your business website.

7. YouTube Thumbnails

A YouTube thumbnail refers to the title of your video.

It also spell out what your video is about.

You can hire cheap designers to create a thumbnail for you.

Alternately, you can create beautiful halal thumbnails for viewers.

8. Video Content Creation

YouTube is a platform where people compete for attention.

Choosing right keywords people are likely to search can boost your rankings.

Invest time into researching video topics, ask audience through surveys or feedback.

Add more data and stories that grabs attention.

Find YouTubers in your niche and the type of contents being shared.

9. YouTube Recording Studio

You should have a home office for the purpose of making YouTube videos.

Furnish the place cheaply and ensure it’s not cluttered.

Minimise noise and distraction when making videos.

Sometimes, you have to rearrange the office to add extra-ambience.

10. Camera and Light

At the beginning, you should reduce your expenses.

However, having a good lighting system, camera and audio equipment is important.

Reach out to successful YouTubers in your niche for recommendations.

If you don’t have capital, you can shoot videos using your smart phone.

You can upgrade when your business starts generating income for you.

11. Video Editing Software

Video editing is a skill you definitely have to learn as a YouTuber.

There are free online training programmes to undertake as well as paid versions.

The growth of your subscribers could depend of the qualities of your videos.

Also, you can outsource vital editing cheaply and focus on growing the channel.

12. YouTube video SEO

Learn how to optimise your videos for SEO.

Search Engine Optimising helps people find your channel.

There are automated software out there for video discoverability.

Partner with other Youtubers and promote each other’s channel.

13. Regular schedules/consistency

Let me share a secret here with you.

YouTube Channel requires consistency to get traction.

Neglecting to stick to a schedule can make or break your growth.

The more videos you upload, the more people will watch them.

Most YouTubers plan their videos in advance for keeping the momentum.

You can choose a day in a month and shoot more videos for your channel.

14. YouTube Subscribers

The smart ways to get more subscribers is to ask people to subscribe to your channel.

Have a call to action button and make it easier for viewers to like and share.

Sometimes, you have to be active in the comments section.

Respond quickly by giving feedback when people engage with your videos.

Also, make it fun and interesting for everyone.

15. An email list

Now that, you have requested for people to subscribe to your channel.

You also need to add a link under your videos to direct people to your site.

Build a lead magnet for people to download free in order to be added to your email list.

Remember, you don’t own YouTube and they can choose to remove your videos at anytime.

Building an email list helps you to keep in touch with your followers.

16. Social Media Presence

You need to create a social media presence on Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin.

This depends on your niche or topic.

Others prefer Pinterest for sharing their contents.

Whatever the case, choose one social media platform and focus.

Once you get the hang of things, then move to the next for scaling your Channel.

17. YouTube Analytics

YouTube algorithm helps you to analyse the performance of your videos.

Learn everything about YouTube Analytics in order to understand it.

If you discover, people like to engage with longer videos then make those ones.

But, if the shorter videos get more shares, comments and subscribers go all in!

You won’t be able to tell without monitoring your Analytics.

In fact, there are so many software tools for YouTube growth strategies.

Invest in those tools and grow your channel.

18. YouTube Halal Monetisation

An Islamic YouTube Channel should avoid using YouTube Ads for making money.

Hence, you have less control with the types of adverts placed on your channel.

If you have opted for certain adverts preference, YouTube can override it without your consent.

They owned the platform after all!

I sincerely, suggest you send people to your own website for halal products.

Besides, you can ask muslim business owners for halal sponsorship ads to get a mention in your videos.


In this post, I outlined to you the step by step guide to start an Islamic Channel.

YouTube platform is attracting millions of visitors and continuing to do so!

But, to succeed on YouTube, you need to have your own website separate.

I suggest you start your Islamic Channel small with consistency.

Make videos people are likely to watch, share, comment and subscribe.

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