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Build A Halal  Blog On Your Niche For You!

A WordPress Blog Done-For-You-Service:


  •  I ‘ll build a Blog like my own ceesayhalal.com


  • I can help you choose a profitable topic/niche/industry.


  •   Choose & Register a domain name now and web hosting at Bluehost.


  •  I ‘ll make your Blog look beautiful with an awesome Divi Theme!


  • I’ll handle the technical headaches and install the best Plugins.


  • I ‘ll add Google Console and Analytics for tracking your Blog data.


  • I ‘ll add 10 cool images/photos legally without having to pay for them.


  • I ‘ll tell you where to get great writers for Bog articles at cheaper rates.


  • Yes, I’ll give you free ongoing consultations by email for a year about blog questions. 



Benefits Of My Done-For-You Blog 


  • You can become your own boss.


  • You can earn halal income and get closer to Allah.


  • You can work whenever you want and anywhere with access to an internet.


  • No more commuting long distances to work!


  • You can spend more time with your kids and family.


  • You can travel around the world and see more places.


. You can become a recognised expert in your niche.


How Soon Can I Start?


As soon as your order is received from PayPal and confirmed by me.

I’ll contact you either by email or phone call for a friendly chat to decide whether you are a good fit.

But, there’s no guarantee that you will be accepted!

I have to protect my reputation as a serious entrepreneur.

I like to focus and work with action takers!

If you are not successful, you will get a full refund via PayPal.


How Long It Takes For My Done-For-You Blog?


Well, it takes between 1-14 days depending on the orders in the queue for a Blog.

However, most times I have a fast delivery turn around for my clients.

I believe patience is the key to getting a quality Done-For-You Blog.


How Much Is The Done-For-You Blog Price?


I charge a very modest fee of $999.

Considering the fact that, few muslim bloggers are offering this service.

They don’t want you to become another new muslim blogger or a competitor!

Thanks so much!


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Invest In Your Own Blogging Prosperity!


Committed to your success…


F. Ceesay.